How to Nail Your Google Display Advertising in 2020 Like a Pro


Display advertising might be one of the most versatile means of paid advertising. You can play with ad banners of various shapes, sizes and colours. One could even deploy display banners on numerous channels like apps, video platforms, blogs, social media and more. But Google display advertising in 2020 is about to change, big time. If you have been recycling the same old strategies each year, you might want to try jazzing things up this year.

Paid advertising and other forms of pay-per-click strategies might get you fast revenue, but it is going to take a lot more than fancy

What is Display Advertising?

Content thrives in SEO. But display advertising is a whole new ballgame.

Before you get started on refining your display ads, you first need to understand the Google Display Network.

WordStream’s Margot Whitney explains Google AdWords as a digital platform powered by a Search Network and a Display Network.

As their names suggest, advertising on the Search Network incorporates placing ad texts in research engine results. The Display Network operates a little differently. Instead of ad texts, businesses place display ads on advertising-supported sites on the internet.

Here’s an example of a display ad (image of the cocktail on your right) we saw while browsing the internet from The Smart Local:

google display advertising in 2020


Think of your display ads like visual adaptions of your ad texts. They convey key promotions and information about our products and services that empower your target audience. You promote your brand with eye-catching visuals and smart messages.

But this begs the question…

Does Display Advertising Actually Work?

Google Display Advertising in 2020

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Oh, yes it works wonders.

1. Eye-catching

An attention-grabbing visual is will likely get more clicks than a long chunk of texts that no one has the time to read.

2. Convey Key Messages

You might have heard of the cliche saying that A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words. Similarly, a simple picture can carry key brand messages and information about your services all at once.

3. Increase Visibility

While ads may target specific audiences, they appear on websites that have high viewership and reach the right people even if they are not searching for your company.

For instance, your ads for overseas SIM cards could appear on a flight or hotel booking platform.

3 Growing Trends for Google Display Advertising in 2020

Trends for Google Display 2020

Like other forms of digital marketing like social media, you can expect new trends and developments for Google Display Advertising in 2020.

Here 3 of them (with stats as proof):

1. Leaderboard Ads

Finance Online highlighted that specs of 728×90 (AKA Leaderboard Ads) tend to get higher click-through rates (CTR) than other displays. They also made up 57% of display ad sizes in 2019. These ads are most often placed at the top of web sites. They are seen as soon as a page loads.

2. Video-Marketing

We weren’t kidding when we established that video marketing was going to be HUGE this year and we have the stats to prove it. Business 2 Community noted a whopping increase in CTR by 18.4% on display ads that incorporate videos.

3. Automation

Hate to say it (actually, not really) but we told you so.

Automation is steadily finding its way into digital marketing and you better educate yourself to be up-to-date with the latest in the digital space!

Single Grain reported than programmatic advertising will the in-thing for Google Display Advertising in 2020, so much so that at least 86.2% of display ads in the US will be programmatic.

It’s only a matter of time before AI will break into the Singaporean market!

How to Slay at Google Display Advertising in 2020

Ready to slay?

Here’s how you can nail your Google Display Advertising in 2020!

1. Incorporate Moving Visuals

video marketing rocks

Earlier, we mentioned that video marketing is going to be popular in display advertising this year, so this should come to no surprise.

Not surprisingly, videos tend to get more engagement and impressions. This is true for social networks like LinkedIn, too.

Moving visuals are not contained only to minute-long videos. In fact, you could experiment with GIFs and boomerangs.

2. Leverage Remarketing

If you want to see any form of return, you would probably stand a better chance on the Display Network. It keeps your past visitors engaged like free advertising.

3. Contextual Advertising

context context context

If content is king, context is queen.

Contextual advertising helps you target users who are searching for products and services that are correlated to your brand.

Here’s an example: say you are tour agency. You might want to have display ads on booking websites for hotels and flights. It helps you reach users who will find use in your products.

4. Make Use of Managed Placements

Managed placements allow you to decide which sites you want your ads on. You can also set unique bids for each site to boost the prevalence of your ads.

5. Play with Colours and Other Visuals

Play with colours

What makes a display ad pop is colour and effects. Play around with loud colours and interesting video effects to give your display ads an edge.

Try to be consistent with your designs – after all, this could help with your branding and you’d want your brand to be recognized in an instant!

6. Include a Call-To-Action

What gets leads is not just captivating visuals. Instead, it is a call-to-action which prompts users to click on your ad. With that in mind, incorporate eye-catching font which entices your readers.

A simply “Click Here” or “Book Now” could work wonders for your leads.

Humans Are Visual, So is Marketing

While stellar content may get you organic clicks, appealing visual ads are the way to go if you want fast revenue. All in all, in expanding your marketing efforts beyond search engines, you can reach your target audience easily!

Then again, nailing your Google display advertising in 2020 will take strategy and creativity. If you need some help with your Google ads, we might be able to help. Click here to learn more. 

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